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The world is constantly and rapidly changing; demographics are shifting, global warming is increasing, and technologies are frequently getting outdated as new ones emerge. Policymakers need to cope and operate under many long-term trends that are remolding the 21st century governments. They also need to improve services and enhance infrastructures, despite the continuous pressure on capital expenditures, and the slow economic growth. ADXP understands that governments across the Middle East are challenged with set of multifaceted issues, which impact their ability to deliver effective and responsive services. 


Our consultants are thoroughly acquainted with the regulatory and economic conditions of the region, and have successfully completed a wide range of innovative solutions for a number of the leading regional governments. When we take on a governmental assignment, our main goal is to always contribute to the advancement of the government priorities through our independent, objective and proven ability to enhance the public sector performance. We assist governments in facing the constant challenges of the changing world by:


  • Establishing systematic strategic planning practices
  • Establishing the vision for smart cities and smart governments
  • Establishing end-to-end business intelligence and analytical capabilities including Big data, Predictive Analytics, and Open Data
  • Assisting governments establish smart government transformation capabilities and whole-of-government models
  • Stimulating economic growth through public-private partnerships and fostering innovation.
  • Capitalizing on the available resources and doing more with less.