Technology industries we serve

Technology is a prominent, complex and rapidly evolving industry. Its executives, whether running software, hardware or technology service businesses, are always focused on achieving operational excellence but know they must remain agile and adaptable to meet growing customer demands.Technology businesses face overwhelming and often conflicting challenges.


On one hand, competition is growing and new markets continue to emerge, which is mainly driven by the shifting IT architecture, development of mproved computing and communication platforms, technical innovation, and innovative business models, to name a few. On the other hand, despite the fact that technology is constantly changing, the themes are perpetual. Meaning, the new technologies mainly complement or enhance the old ones rather than replace them, which further complicates the technology landscape. In today’s technology environment, some of the challenging questions that technology companies need to answer are:


  • How to securely incorporate Cloud computing.
  • How to position Big data in non-mature markets
  • How to take a value-driven approach as opposed to sales approach


Our ADXP industry-focused experts and specialized advisors have the deep and detailed knowledge of the sector, and technical experience to help you understand the market you are operating in, and enable you to robustly compete and grow in an industry where innovation is perceived as an opportunity and a threat.