Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics industries we serve

Transportation and logistics companies strive to stand out and lead in one of the most demanding industries. Between the overbooked schedules and the fluctuating fuel prices, these companies are faced with an array of challenges on strategic, tactical, operational and real-time levels that demand instant and decisive action. Below are some of the key questions that transportation and logistics companies need to find answers for: 


  • How to develop and support a centralized and standardized planning process.
  • How to incorporate demand forecast in planning. How to best optimize and utilize fleets.
  • How to improve utilization of employees to improve service offering and maximize profitability.
  • How to reduce travel time and increase overall organization flexibility to meet service requirements.


Whether your company operates in air, land, sea or a mix of any, our team of transportation and logistics experts at ADPX will help you in assessing the current challenges your business is facing, and equip you with the best tailored tools and capabilities to achieve operational excellence and continue growing amidst competition. Our consultants and partners can bring forth a wealth of international and regional experience to assist you overcome your key challenges and help you optimize your supply chain costs.