Oil And Gas

Oil And Gas industries we serve

The demand for energy is globally on the rise, and the oil and gas industry has an array of challenges to deal with across its multiple divisions. The steep decline in oil reserves added to the increased global consumption, the shift in resource allocation, the regional political unrest and the increasing environmental concerns on preserving energy and using sustainable resources are just few of the constraints that keep pushing companies to seek new geographical borders, and invest heavily in alternative power generation technologies; such as: nuclear, fossil-fuel, wind and water. 


There are, nevertheless, untapped opportunities to be seized ranging from the upstream to the oilfield services sectors. ADXP believes that for a company to strongly position itself and compete in the oil and gas field, it should be able to thoroughly identify the ongoing trends in energy demand and sources. In our view, the top industry issues can be summarized in as follow:


  • Accurately forecasting demand
  • Optimize supply chains
  • Defining strategic mergers and alliances.
  • Improving processes controls 
  • Levering big data for better strategic planning


ADXP collaborates with oil and gas companies at all the different levels of the organization, to develop and implement tailored, practical solutions that are derived from the evaluated risks and opportunities presented by the industry. We provide guidance on incorporating the vast elements of the unpredictable environment in your day-to-day operations, manage risks and optimize performance.