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What We Do

Today's CEOs understand that successful strategy execution requires close alignment between business processes and information, applications, and technology architectures. Implementing enterprise architecture based on international best practices helps business executives effectively assess and manage the impact of strategic change throughout their organization. Enterprise architecture also provides a systematic approach to designing and building strategic capabilities that enhances return on IT investments, optimizes costs, accelerates innovation, and reduces technology complexity. At ADXP, we continue to successfully develop enterprise architecture capabilities for our clients to help acheive their strategic plans.


What we do

Common Challenges

Businesses typically face challenges related to:

  • Increased gap between business needs and IT operations.
  • Increased software development, support, and maintenance costs.
  • Complex application and infrastructure portability and interoperability.
  • Making decisions to develop, buy, or out-source IT solutions. Increased risk in new investment, and the costs of IT ownership.
  • Vendor lock-ins and complex procurement decisions.


Common Challenges

How ADXP can help

We add value to our clients by helping them address their business priorities through:

  • Leveraging open standards and tools to establish your Enterprise Architecture foundation.
  • Conducting a top-bottom maturity assessment to focus on your strategic priorities.
  • Assessing your business and technology architecture and standards to lay the foundation of your EA practice.
  • Recommending and using industry specific reference models and establishing your content Metamodel and repository.
  • Establishing your Enterprise Architecture Framework, governance and processes to enable sustainable Enterprise Architecture practices.
  • Identifying the necessary strategic EA capabilities to enable your business vision.


How ADXP can help you