operations excellence

What We Do

Operations and supply chain represent the biggest chunk of your costs. If not managed effectively, it can seriously hamper profitability, growth, customer satisfaction and retention. Clients often look for innovative ways to improve efficiency and operational effectiveness to reduce costs, position operations to effectively match business growth aspirations, and improve bottom line results. At ADXP, we continue to successfully support our clients by improving their service operations and supply chain management in order to add value to their business.


What we do

Common Challenges

Businesses typically face challenges related to:

  • Improving inefficient business processes and service operations to match their business strategy.
  • Optimizing the use of people and technology to achieve business goals.
  • Optimizing supply chain networks.
  • Improving sourcing and procurement operations.
  • Reducing operational costs and improving productivity.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction.


Common Challenges

How ADXP can help

We add value to our clients by helping them address their business priorities through:

  • Leveraging our network of subject matter experts to address industry specific operational needs.
  • Assessing your business and technology processes landscape to gain better insights about your business priorities and weaknesses.
  • Benchmarking your practices against leading local and multinational practices and highlighting best practices, success stories and lessons learned.
  • Providing recommendations to improve business processes and operations.
  • Identifying and establishing key operations performance indicators.
  • Establishing operational excellence frameworks based on best practices such as the European Framework for Quality Management (EFQM).


How ADXP can help you