IT Audit

What We Do

Companies are continuously facing increasing risks in Information Management resulting in negative impact on their business operations. The internal audit departments are constantly performing control checks to ensure IT applications are reliable and secure. At ADXP, we continue to successfully support internal audit departments in achieving audit proof environment.


What we do

Common Challenges

Businesses typically face the following challenges:

  • Enhancing their audit methodology. Enacting the audit plans.
  • Establishing Comprehensive Risk control matrices including process, risks, controls, assessments, testing procedures, and reporting.
  • Enhancing operational and financial controls.
  • Enhancing the security controls around SAP, Oracle, Microsoft.
  • Enhancing processes related to change management, access management, and application security.


Common Challenges

How ADXP can help

We add value to our clients by helping them address their business priorities through:

  • Conducting process understanding workshops to address your key business procedures including automated and manual controls.
  • Helping IT departments to adopt audit methodologies based on leading practices.
  • Assisting in the preparation of annual / periodic audit plans covering your business, financial, operational and security controls.
  • Working together to establish risk control matrices including process, risks, controls, responsibilities, testing procedures, and assessment cycles.
  • Conducting an assessment of your existing policies and procedures related to change, access, application, and security management.


How ADXP can help you