IT governance

What We Do

IT governance has become an integral part of the overall enterprise governance and strategy. It represents an organizational structure and a set of processes that manage and control the enterprise's IT activities to achieve its goals by adding value and balancing risk versus return on IT investments. ADXP has exceptional experience in IT governance implementations, and utilizes world leading principles and practices to help you manage and maximize the value of your IT resources, and ensure that IT priorities remain aligned with your business strategy.


What we do

Common Challenges

Businesses typically face challenges related to: Improving the quality of IT services.

  • Achieving better alignment between IT and business strategic goals.
  • Lack of visibility over IT spending against business benefits.
  • Enhancing control to mitigate IT related risks.
  • Defining clear business roles and responsibilities towards IT initiatives.
  • Reducing the communication gap between business and IT functions.
  • Making decisions on developing (in-house), buying, or outsourcing IT solutions.


Common Challenges

How ADXP can help

How ADXP Can Help We add value to our clients by helping them exploit IT governance to address their business priorities by:

  • Assessing the maturity of your governance policy and procedures against leading practices.
  • Establishing the governance framework, and ensuring that IT initiatives are aligned with your business strategy.
  • Building a transparent, and predictable, time and costs analysis of IT project Helping clients minimize IT-related risks through adequate mitigation controls.
  • Helping clients set clear expectations and measurements for IT value delivery.
  • Helping clients achieve quality IT services resulting in successful projects.
  • Establishing standardized policies, procedures and IT standards across the organization.


How ADXP can help you